Friday, May 30, 2008


Melissa and I are holding our first rummage sale. We are unloading some of the boys' stuff that we don't use anymore. Don't read into it that we are getting rid of stuff because we aren't having another baby or babies. We are just clearing up room in the house. If you need some of our stuff, then come on over. If not, then come over anyways to visit.

I will be doing most of the selling, and frankly, I will probably pay someone a dollar to just take everything by the end of the day. Either way, it should be interesting. Maybe I can barter and have someone mow the law in exchange for a table. The boys are not for sale.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend. A lot of good things happened. First, Hayden's first two bottom teeth are coming in. Donovan's top and bottom front two teeth are already in. Second, we also got a ton of Little Tykes stuff from rummage sales. We got the Turtle sandbox which doubles as a cooler and a secret storage space for sensitive documents. We also got the Fisher Price basketball hoop. We will use that at the Lake to play lake basketball and other violent games. We also got a Little Tykes table and umbrella along with a stencil board. A good haul to go with a lot of riding toys and other fun stuff for Donovan and Hayden. Third, Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dan are putting in a septic system for their camper. We are very excited. We celebrated by having a brush fire from all of the trees that were cut down as a result!

On behalf of the boys, we wish every one a wonderful and humbling Memorial Day. Our neighbor up north has a flag pole in his back yard. I thought about the meaning of this day and how many have given everything so that we can be free to live, when I heard the metal clips holding that flag high clang against the pole as the wind blew. Members of our family were proudly involved in nearly every major armed conflict of the 20th century. We are fortunate that no one gave the ultimate sacrifice that so many others did. There service nonetheless was for all of us. To our friends and family who proudly served our country, thank you is not enough. Service of that nature isn't sacrificial. It is selfless, courageous, and done for a greater good. I know we can do now what we want to do because of you and people like you. Such an important little thing such as camping to us is possible because of what so many have fought to protect and to further. As I am pulling brush to the fire, I hear the clang of the flag. I feel Humbled. I feel Grateful. I feel Proud. Donovan and Hayden will understand the importance of Memorial Day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Laura!!!!!!

We celebrated by clapping!
And standing with one hand on the table!
And . . . well don't ask . . . .

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Visit to the Doctor!

Donovan and Hayden had their one year check up and shots. The loved the shots! Both babies are healthy which is good. Donovan weighed 22 lbs. 3 ozs. (50th percentile) Hayden weighed 19 lbs. 10 ozs. (bottom 10th percentile). Both babies were 29 inches long. (25th percentile).

The doctor gave us some tips to help give them a little boost in the weight department. Based on her suggestions, I am adding cheese to whatever they eat now. They are having cheesy bread, cheesy chicken, cheesy corn, and cheesy cheese for dinner. For dessert, they will get cheesy ice cream. This sounds cheesy, but . . . .

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Moose's New Litter Box

Whenever we come home from up north, we travel east bound on Wisconsin Avenue, and whenever I see the house, I say, "well, the house is still standing, that's half the battle." The other half of the battle could be as follows: (1) did the burglars leave anything left, (2) are the cats still alive, (3) how many fish died, (4) did Moose defoul our basement in lieu of using the litterbox as a way to get back at us for leaving for so long. Moose usually only does her #4 on sporadic occasions, and of course only when she is sick.

When we came today, the house was still standing! Whoo Hooo, we are half-way there. When we got inside the basement, everything was there but no cats were greeting us. I went upstairs and Heretic was in the kitchen purring. I checked the family room and was still intact. No fish had died even though they had not been fed since Monday. Then I heard Moose yowling from upstairs. It didn't sound good, because I already figured out what happened. She got stuck behind the upstairs gate (even though she could jump over, she is just lazy) and was trapped upstairs. For how long we don't know, but she was sure hungry when I let her loose. Fortunately, we left the toilet seat up in the bathroom. But what she did to our bedroom could only be classified as worse than an S7. For a description of those craptastic escapades, see the following posts:

Melissa used the Little Green Clean Machine. It did ok. I think it is time to bring back our cat sitter.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Life has been pretty busy this previous week. I left town on Mother's Day for work. The boys and Melissa traveled up to the Lake and stayed there for the week. I met up with them late Wednesday night. We've had a nice visit, but it has been cold and today it was really windy and rainy. We went rummage sale shopping this morning. We got a Little Tykes play table and a slide with a climbing cube attached to it. Pretty cool stuff . . . well for Donovan and Hayden it is. For us, the Wii is pretty cool. Donovan thought standing up and clapping was cool. No one is walking yet, but it will likely be soon.

Melissa and I watched Sicko last night by Michael Moore. We were not convinced, and it was not as good as some of his other movies (I refuse to call them documentaries). We get movies for free from the library down the street from us up north. We also got Breach, but we haven't had a chance to watch that one yet.

Dan and Sue watched the boys tonight from 4 - 6. Melissa and I went to Walmart and dinner. It was very weird going to Walmart together without the rest of the team. It was also nice not getting stopped 53 times with people asking if the babies are boys or girls. We then went to dinner at a local supper club. It was unremarkable. If anyone knows the difference between a Supper Club and a restaurant, then please let us know.

Hopefully the fish survived this week. I just bought a giant can of food for them. Wish them luck!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Melissa!

Hayden and Donovan wish their mom a wonderful and happy Mother's Day! Right now, the boys are eating breakfast, and their Mom is taking a well-deserved nap!

Happy Mother's Day Melissa! You are a great Mom!

Birthday Party!

The Boys had a great time, a lot of great visitors, and they got a lot of great presents! Thanks everyone for coming to the party and for all the great gifts.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Party is ON!!!!!

Hopefully you can make it! The First Birthday Bash starts at Noon and goes til whenever! It is at Hayden and Donovan's House! Call us if you can make it too! (I am going to go buy the cake, Cristal and beer now)!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Happy First Birthday Hayden and Donovan!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Donovan and the Fibrele Seizure

I got a call tonight at work from Melissa. Donovan was really sick and was running a high fever. Melissa was really worried about him. I left work, got in my car and headed home. Melissa called me when I was on the interstate. She had called 911. Donovan was having a seizure. It lasted 2 to 3 minutes. I got to the house. The ambulance was parked out front. Melissa was coming out of the house holding Donovan with the two paramedics. Donovan was just in his diaper crying uncontrollably. Melissa and Donovan headed off to the hospital. Fortunately, my mom was in town. She was with Hayden. Our neighbor Matt came over to offer to help. We appreciated Matt coming over to offer help, especially if I wasn't around and Melissa was alone with the boys.

My Mom and I followed the ambulance. When we got to the hospital, Hayden and I headed in and found Donovan and Melissa. Donovan's fever had spiked again. He was still crying uncontrollably. The doctors ran several tests. We now have a new F-word in the house. The doctors determined he had a fibrele seizure due to the fever spike. It was a very scary night, but Donovan started doing a lot better and Melissa gave him some crackers and he got happy again. I dropped my mom and Hayden off at home and went back to the hospital to be with Donovan and Melissa.

Donovan was discharged later in the night. We checked Hayden after he went to bed, and poor little Hayden was running a high fever - 103.7. Melissa and I were very worried, so we woke him up, gave him a sponge bath and medicine. Melissa was really worried he might have a seizure too. You just don't know. Fibrele seizures are hereditary, but neither Melissa nor I ever had them.

Looks like we will be staying up for part of the night checking on them. Melissa and I are going to make a Motrin run upstairs now and hopefully they go right back to sleep. As of now, their party is still on for Saturday unless the doctor says otherwise! In addition to party guests, we should have a good turnout of viruses to share. Right now though it is Motrin time!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Grocery Shopping!

Melissa and I have thought about time saving initiatives to use so that we use our time more effectively. For example, I have orderd diapers online rather than traveling to Babies R Us to use 53 million coupons just to get the price down to a Wal-Mart level price. Today, I saw the Peapod truck driving by. Peapod is an online grocery store that delivers . . . you guessed it . . . GROCERIES!!! Then the truck passed us and I saw the back door of the truck was swinging open. That was probably not a good thing. We may still try Peapod, but if my groceries have tire marks on them when delivered, then we will not use them again.

Last night I got home from work and took the boys for a walk with the jogging stroller. We made our usual 1 1/2 mile beer run down to Metcalfs Sentry and Pick N Save on State Street. We haven't made that trip since the fall due to the weather, but it was nice to take the boys down there for the beer run. There is a big hill to climb on the way back, and I noticed the boys are just a heck of a lot heavier than they were last fall. I remember I would buy a ton of groceries last fall and push everything back with ease, but that may not happen now since they are so much bigger. Friday was fun with them. Just like last fall, we would just cruise around the store aimlessly just to keep moving and keep the boys sleeping--eventually we would get our shopping done, but we were never ever in a rush.

I usually wear my headphones so that I don't have to talk to the populace while at the grocery store. I also wear them so I have another excuse for ramming ankles of shoppers who fail to yield the right of way to us. For example, I might say, "Oh, I am sorry, I didn't hear you preparing to stop your partially filled cart in the exact middle of the aisle so that no one can get around you on either side while you spend 13 minutes examining which disgusting wheat pasta to purchase."

We did buy my babies' momma some Starbucks Frappucinos instead of flowers at the store. Melissa thought those drinks were better than flowers. I think so too. You can't drink flowers.