Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Bye Great Grandma Lucy

Great Grandma Lucy passed away Saturday afternoon. Her funeral service was lovely. Donovan and Hayden were very sweet in saying good bye to her. They got to spend a lot more time with her these last few weeks and even were saying great grandma's house whenever they went to the hospital to see her. Great Grandma Lucy was always very caring and was always very nice to the grandkids and great grandkids. Her warm smile will be missed, but we have good photos to remember her well.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frozen Pumpkin Patch

Even though it was f'cold on Saturday and snowing when we left the house, we went to a local favorite pumpkin patch over in Lodi! It was nice and pleasant. We didn't do any of the pay-for-frills like the hay ride, corn maze (a four-hour "starvation march" if you go with 2 year olds) or other overpriced crap. We just had a good time screwing around at the farm. The boys played in dried corn pits, played with play tractors, saw baby animals and big animals, played in giant sand boxes, hung out in the hay and in tractor tires, went down a big tube slide, screamed for no good reason, peed in outhouses, ate pumpkin donuts, had pheasant and bison pot pie, and all and all had a good time. Check back to the photos last year when Donovan and Hayden went to Apple Holler to see how much they have changed in a year.

Too cold to walk!

Would you like some corn? No, seriously, would you like some corn?

Time for a nice friendly game of king on the mountain!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hayden was treating his underwear like a diaper and filling the underwear with pee. Surprisingly, the underwear did better at containing the pee than Huggies. Now, lil' Commando Hayden goes without underwear to help with the potty training and he has been successful. Hopefully this is a short stint, but both of them are still doing very well with the potty training. Tomorrow, they go to visit a preschool . . . their next big move!