Saturday, January 24, 2009


Props to Schwinn for sending us a brand new jogging stroller! We got the same model but since it is newer, it came with a built-in rain and wind shield. Sweet. We can throw out the Hefty trash bag that we would have used which could have also suffocated our children. Now only if Little Tikes would make a Little Tikes molded plastic Food Chopper so we didn't have to let the boys play with our Cuisinart fine chopper in their Little Tikes kitchen. Maybe we should just unplug it and remove the blades . . . .

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time for a complaint session about Kashi

The boys like the Kashi rice pilaf packs (tonight they had Morrocan Curry). Why, I don't know. Kashi is swahili for "tastes like aardvark $#!t" Plus, the boys are not 58-years old and recovering from their first heart attack or some crazed flaxed up health nut who thinks that Kashi is not only healthy, but is also mighty tasty compared to the lettuce leaves they ate for the last 9 years. That said, Kashi rice pilaf is a real pain in the neck for them to eat. The stuff doesn't clot together and stay on a baby fork with ease. Instead, they get a scoopful o' Kashi, and by the time it reaches their mouth, we have Kashi all over. I don't know if you have ever had Kashi all over your house, but I remember some times when my parent's dogs were locked in the laundry room all night when they had the runs and it would resemble that. So tonight, we had Kashi to the left, Kashi to the right, Kashi on the floor, and Kashi all night. But the boys were happy. The other night we had a Kashi pilaf dish that smelled like an ashtray. I have some Kashi granola type cereal to try with them next. If you have ever eaten it before, it is like eating a bowl full of gravel, which for some reason it tastes like gravel. Pretty interesting how Kashi was able to take 7 grains and screw up the mixture and make it taste like gravel. I think there is a Nobel prize for that. That said, we will keep buying Kashi stuff if it makes the two of them eat. Kashi, send us coupons.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Thanks to Grandpa Dan, Grandma Sue, and Aunt Laura for helping us clean, paint, and tear off wallpaper in our bathrooms. There is a dark cold place in hell for the person who invented wallpaper, and they rank up there in evilness with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Gary Glitter, and the purple Telletubby (Tinkie Winkie).

Today I am laying tile. I can think of nothing worse to do on any day in the history of mankind than cutting and laying floor tile.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best and Worst of 2008!!!

Like last year and the year before, we wish all of you a Happy New Year! Donovan and Hayden have a compiled another "Best of the Best" and "Worst of the Worst" list from their experiences during their second year of existence!

Best Diapers: Pampers
Worst Diapers: Huggies still. An S3 could blow the side outta that there Huggies rag.

Best routine Comment from a Stranger: "You are blessed."
Worst routine Comment from a Stranger: "Double Trouble." Runner up: "Wow, they must be a lot of work."

Best Accomplishment: Walking and talking
Worst Accomplishment: Frequent attempts at trying to match last years S7.

Best Parent: Momma (two years in a row!!!)
Worst Parent: ? Runnerup: Britney Spears

Best Emergency Room Visit: Donovan's seizure
Worst Emergency Room Visit: Donovan's seizure

Best Presidential Candidate: None
Worst Presidential Candidate: the One. Runnerup: John McCain

Best outfits: Any sleeper with Zippers
Worst Outfits: Anything else

Best thing to do in the Boys' free time: Watch Yo Gabba Gabba
Worst thing to do in their free time: Nap.

Best travel provider: 1995 Chevy Astrovan, Jayco Edition
Worst travel provider: The Graco Stroller Runnerup: The umbrella stroller

Sportsman of the Year: Until October, it was C.C. Sabathia. For the whole year, though, it was Aaron Rodgers when he keeps his mouth shut.

Best Dog: Hailey
Best Cat: Tie: Moose and Heretic

Best Song: The Wheels on the Bus Go . . . Runnerup: Air by FLO-rida
Worst Song: Anything by Natasha Bedingfield or Beyonce. They are both awful.