Sunday, March 22, 2009


We got a membership to the zoo now. We went Saturday. A lot fewer entourages and fewer video cameras. We like it already. The people playing "professional" photographer though are kind of annoying, especially when they set up the tripod right next to your kids when they are trying to figure out what the brown bears are eating.

Things We love and top five things we Hate about Betty Brinn

We have a membership to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum, and we use it (very well worth the membership fee). The boys like many of the exhibits and it really is a kid-friendly and responsible learning environment. But with each bit of bliss, there is a rusty-lining to be found (which if you can't tell, we are pretty good at finding)! Following are the top five things we hate about the Betty Brinn Children's Museum, most of which are not the Museum's fault:

(5) Narrow walkways in the new environmental exhibit so that it is difficult to maneuver both our bus and our jogging stroller. Whoever designed it should rethink the design.
(4) Unkempt eating areas. This is more of the museum guests' conduct than of the museum but a sign telling people to clean up after themselves would be nice since some people do not know they are supposed to do it anyway.
(3) People with a singleton who feel it is necessary to bring a video camera to the museum to record some profound act that might, but albeit unlikely, occur by said singleton.
(2) Singleton with an entourage of Mom, Dad, Grandparents (both sets) who just want to salivate all over said singleton and give said singleton gifts of frankincense and Myrrh.
(1) Singleton with an entourage of Mom, dad, grandparents (both sets, grandpas are disgruntled and don't want to be there) with at least one but typically three ultra-annoying video cameras videotaping every single random thing the poor kid does to the point the kid can't focus on hands on learning but is instead constantly postured into photo ops for everyone else who is with poor singleton and those who are around said singleton at exhibits and who are trying to have a good time. If I am asked one more time by an overexcited grandma, "could you move to the side while we try to get a better shot of our first grandson Ian to go with our 56 hours of video we took over the last three days" at the time when I am trying to corral a screaming tubby bear and chunka-dunka-funka chu, then . . . I am seriously going to refuse to move. Long and short, for parents and grandparents out there who go to Betty Brinn, take some advice from the fans watching the Bad News Bears play in the Astrodome and look at your kid (or grand kid) and just "Let them play!"

Betty, if you can hear me, then tell the people to leave the video cameras at home.

Fun at Red Robin and at the Beach

Gosh Da#@ F#$%^@g Water

What the heck happened to my legs? I'm sinking

Saved by Momma!

We love steak fries. Therefore, we love Red Robin!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009