Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boogie All Night

Over the past 7 hours, the most common word among our household has been Boogie! Donovan has a runny nose. I think he is not feeling well. So I did what any good parent does, I took Hayden and Donovan to the gym so they could play in the day care area. I guess while I was working out, Donovan told a few of the ladies there, "I got boogie," and they would then wipe his runny nose off with a tissue. When I picked them up at the end of my workout, Donovan again said, "I got boogie" to one of the workers. Only this time, one of the workers acted almost repulsed that a child would say "Boogie." I was ready to lash back a few choice words like, "Don't act like you never heard the word Boogie before, after all you probably lived through the 70s;" or "Boogie is his code word for giant duece"; or with the proverbial "He's 2, give him a break."

I don't know if she was unimpressed that he was misusing the term Booger, when he should have used the term snot or mucus. Today, I will begin teaching Donovan the proper scientific term for the mucus problem that Donovan has since it is not truly a booger, which is dried up mucus. Donovan, please say "I have snot" which is the proper term for runny nose. If it's dried up, then say Booger, not Boogie.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our New beds in the Camper (Good Bye Pack N Plays)

Easter 2010

Yes, we have a birthday coming up

Donovan and Hayden turn 3 next month. Regardless of whether we celebrate their birthday or plan a party, your gifts of frankensense and muir are always appreciated. We asked Donovan and Hayden to pick a toy that they would like for their birthdays. Here is what we heard back for possible ideas:

(1) Starbucks "My Very Own Barrista" Kit

(2) Gold and Diamonds, preferrably at least 1 carat E, VS1 or better.

(3) Bob the Builder: The Lost Episodes, including "Thanksgiving Special 2007: Bob shares a Turkey with the Investigating OSHA Inspector"; "Payroll Taxes Too!?! Bob's Visit with the IRS"; "Turf War 2008: Handy "Mass Bloodshed" Manny v. Bob THE Builder"; "Dizzy's New Hobby: Cocaine"; and "Bob and the Five-Finger Discount at Home Depot."

(4) Season Six of "Sewing with Nancy"

(5) New Parents!

(6) The Mother of All Sandboxes!

(7) Sears Gift Cards

(8) A Trip to Vegas for their parents!

(9) Continued Happiness

If you have any good ideas that you'd like to share with Donovan and Hayden, then please let them know.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh the things we do!

Donovan and Hayden are largely pretty good kids. We generally don't worry too much about a cell phone being flushed down the toilet, arms being ground by the garbage disposal, paint being dumped on daddy's beloved tvs, stabbings, or climbing into skill-crane machines. That makes me happy.

Watching them grow and mature is even more fun. This morning, the boys were playing in the camper and they were behaving like very responsible little boys. They can now put on their strap sunglasses by themselves (sometimes with help), wind up toys and go and fetch their other toys from obscure spots in the camper. We had to break up a few squirmishes, but in all they are showing self sufficiency. Even eating breakfast (Life Cereal over milk) was so much easier than before.

Aside from the excessive roaring while wearing sun glassess, this has been a nice morning. Now if only Aunt Laura would have her baby (which we are trying to stress her out and set her off so she has it soon) . . . .