Friday, October 29, 2010


Donovan and Hayden are all set for Halloween. They are going in costume as Bobcats (the contrstruction machines, not weak big cats). Right now though, they are watching Cars while wearing construction helmets. Very cute.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hangin with My two favorite Peeps!

Melissa is gone this weekend, so it is a testosterone driven weekend of fun between the men of the household! We went out to dinner last night, went to Sears to look at lawn tractors, grills, and snowblowers, and then we went to the movie store to rent scary movies. Today was a little more weak. This morning, we woke up, ate donuts (not me), went to the farmer's market and looked at the crazy people, and then went to the Children's Museum. Now its nap time. I won't post what is on tap for tonight or tomorrow morning, but I will say their is some excitement to have popcorn during the packer game.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bedtime Chatter

Ok. So right now, Donovan and Hayden are chattering in their cribs rather than going to sleep. The content of the discussion is a little disturbing. For example, we heard, "If you had a nail on your penis, then that would hurt!" Response: "That is gross, Hayden!" Then we heard from Donovan,"If you had a nightlight on your penis, then that would be funny!" This went on for a few minutes and involved different substances. Then we heard them talking about "blowing fire out of your penis as a one-man show at the circus!" What the heck are they learning at pre-school? I do remember the one-man-show in a book about the circus that we read, and he did blow fire, but that was out of his mouth.

Melissa just went up and ended this discussion and said, "Its night-night time."