Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moon 1, Rhythm and Booms Zero

If you know Donovan and Hayden, then you know their favorite celestial body is the moon. Tonight, we took the boys to Rhythm and Booms, AKA Let's Blow Up a S#!^load of Fireworks to some background music that may or may not coincide with the sight at hand and invite 250,000 of your closest friends to it. Frankly, I don't hear the Rhythm part matching up to often to the Boom, but the sight of the things that go Boom is definitely something to see.

Donovan and Hayden on the other hand treated it as a 33 minute unprovoked coordinated missile attack and act of war on their good friend the moon. Poor Donovan got scared when the four fighter jets flew over head and clinged for life during most of the Boom. The uncool rhythm's did not help (when I think of CCR and going up around the bend, I don't think of fireworks). Unfortunately, the moon was in the direct line of fire for each shot of fireworks, yet none of them hit and the moon was still standing in the end. Hayden did pretty well the whole time and watched with little emotion. It may have been shock and awe. We drive near Rhythm & Booms and then bike the rest of the way in. The boys did really well with the bike trailer. They did a nice job staying in place and holding on for dear life as I zipped them through crowds, over curbs, and speeding down hills.

But tonight was just a great show. Nice job Boom & Rhythms. If you want help picking out music, then let me know. Following are pictures.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Odds and Ends

John & Kate Plus . . . Separate! Poor kids. This was doomed from the start. I blame . . . . Guess who by posting your guess in the comment section.

Donovan and Hayden saw their friend Maddox in Iowa City this weekend. Maddox is a sweet little boy who loves to smile and laugh. Thanks for the great visit Jenn and Mike.

If you want to see pictures of our new house, then come take them yourself. We welcome all visitors provided you bring a six pack and your moving gloves.

Melissa bought the boys a pool. They absolutely loved it tonight. Cousin Sonja and Cousin Carson came over tonight to hang out in the pool as well. I think all of them had a ball. It was great to see.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Props (and UNprops) to Aunt Laura and Uncle Scott

Props to Laura and Scott for delivering the Step 2 Playset for the boys and for helping set it up. Very Cool. Also, props to them for helping us around house including hanging blinds and for figuring out a shower towel bar was broken. Unprops to Uncle Scott for teaching the boys to cut their wrists with their play knife set. The play knives are for cutting play vegetables, not flesh, veins or arteries. Come again!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grandpa Gulya

Grandpa Gulya passed away Tuesday night. Three weeks ago, he fell while getting a pizza and needed surgery to repair a few broken bones. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to recover from the surgery. My grandma, dad and my aunts and uncles were able to be present with him by his side until he passed.

Grandpa was very compassionate and passionate. He always asked about us and how we were doing. Grandpa always taught us that education and reading were important to our development. He also taught us about service to our country and more importantly love for it. My Grandpa Gulya had a very soothing voice which I will never forget. As a teacher and father of seven, he probably had to raise that voice a few times, maybe at my dad, but he was always a very kind man to us.

Grandpa, Grandma, and my dad, mom, and aunts and uncles, our thoughts are with you today as you celebrate Grandpa's life and his journey to the next place.

Hayden and Donovan got a new house

And Papa got a brand new Funk!!!! And Mommama got her groove . . . it never left.

We closed on Friday, and we are busy packing up stuff to move into it. Oh the joy of not sleeping and packing things so that we can . . . you guessed it, unpack it 24 hours later. The nice thing for D&H is there is a B.F. Park across the street from their new pad. They also have a B.F. Bonus Room in the house that they can use as a play room. Their dad has a nice-sized finished basement for his play room. Their mom has a B.F. master bathroom and bedroom to sleep in. Yeah for Mommama!

FYI, this explains why postings have been down for the last months. We have been busy as you can tell making a "change." Even though we are moving, Melissa and I are both keeping our current jobs and staying with our same employers. Melissa will remain President and CEO of our house, and I will continue with my position. The cats will continue to howl. They know something is up. D.O. Double G went up north with grandma and grandpa so she wouldn't have to worry about bark bark barking all day today at the movers. Hailey is a tough little dog. She barked her way through her citronella collar. We are going to get her a shirt that says, "Dog fought the citronella collar, and the dog won!" or "I beat Citronella."