Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Donovan and Hayden have a new game. Its called Monster. Its kind of like Tizzle Wizzle, but without the knives, medications, glowsticks, darkness and murder. Instead, Donovan and Hayden just run around in a circle constantly screaming monster. And unlike Tizzle Wizzle, its a game with no winner. If you want to come play Monster, then stop by!

I'd classify Donovan and Hayden as fully potty trained now--sans when they sleep and when they are at the Prairie Athletic Club. Donovan is pretty rock solid reliable at the PAC. Hayden still has an accident here and there at the club. Regardless, I am very proud of them, especially the quartet of craptastic bowel movements that Hayden had on Sunday. It was only a short time ago when a fight would ensue as to who had to do clean up on aisle H.

Melissa and I are headed on vacation to Mexico, alone, soon. God help those who have volunteered to watch Hayden and Donovan. It should be fun times for all. We have not been on vacation alone since before they were born. It is crazy to think they will be turning three in 4.5 months. I have already lost track of their childhood. It is also crazy to think that in the month of January 2010, we have not taken one picture of them yet. We need to get on that.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Conference Championship Picks

Donovan and Hayden have again given a lot of thoughts to this weeks games again. Here are their picks:

Vikings 34 Saints 28. Because they want their daddy's good friend "Keg" to be happy (and the Vikings are the better all around team at this point, with or without Harvin).

Colts 23 Jets 20. This one could go either way. The Jets D is playing well.

We are off to the gym now.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Divisional Round Picks

Donovan and Hayden were irate Sunday night when the Packers lost. They have been spoiled by the Packers so far in their short existence. Their first year on this earth, the Packers made it to the NFC Championship game, this year the playoffs, and they watching Aaron Rodgers develop into the next Peyton Manning with legs that can run.

This weeks Picks:

Chargers 37, Jets 17

Indianapolis 27, Baltimore 23

New Orleans 44, Arizona 30 (Take the over)

Minnesota 30, Dallas 17 - no way this one is close. Dallas will get destroyed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wild Card Round Playoff Picks

Donovan and Hayden have given serious consideration to the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs. In the past several years, several Superbowl teams and Superbowl winners have played in the Wild Card Rounds (NYG 08, Pitt 09). Green Bay could be one of those teams this year.

This is probably the most difficult wild card round in recent years to make picks. Even the odds makers are struggling as each game is overly close in the spread. This weeks picks by Donovan and Hayden are as follows:

New England over Baltimore 30-17. Donovan and Hayden don't like this game either way. Brady is very hurt and Welker is out, yet New England, and particularly Tom Brady, find ways to win playoff games. Donovan thinks the Ravens, however, can really run the ball well and if they control the clock this could easily flip the other way, but Hayden thinks Joe Flacco is not playing well and is sticking with New England.

Cincinatti over J-E-T-S 20-13. Donovan thinks Cincinatti was in a funk the last two weeks following Chris Henry's death, and Donovan and Hayden call this an upset win against a Jets team that can run and has a great defense.

Philadelphia over Dallas 24-20 Because Donovan and Hayden hate the Dallas Cowboys. Take the over.

Green Bay over Arizona 31-23 Arizona has only put up more than 31 points once this season. Green Bay has done it five times and four of those in the last six weeks. Whatever the over/under is, take the over in this barn burner.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best and Worst Awards of 2009

2009 was a wonderful year for Donovan and Hayden. They are definitely growing into two fine toddlers, and they have handled the curve balls dealt to them quite well. From the mid-year house move to a new community, to going through the motions of potty training, spending time away from mom and dad, and learning to share toys (which they are still learning), they have handled the ups and downs.

Its time for Donovan's and Hayden's Best and Worst List of 2009!

Best Diapers: We don't wear diapers during the day any more. But if we had to, it doesn't matter because we go potty in the potty.
Worst Diapers: Huggies still.

Best Accomplishment: Potty Training, close second: Talking in coversation, playing together, sharing and caring for each other
Worst Accomplishment: Tantrums. challenging the effectiveness of time outs, Lippin' off.

Best Parent: Momma
Worst Parent: Kate Gosselin, hands down. The world could handle 8 jackasses like John, and that would be better than 8 more of Kate.

Best Emergency Room Visit: None!!!!

Best outfits: Any sleeper with Zippers
Worst Outfits: Anything else

Best travel provider: 1995 Chevy Astrovan, Jayco Edition
Worst travel provider: The umbrella strollers have been epic failures. Also, the shopping carts where the kids sit directly across from each other = scratch-time hell.

Best Sportsman: Tie - Charles Woodson Aaron Rodgers.
Worst: Brent

Best Dog: Hailey
Best Cat: Tie: Moose and Heretic

Best Song: Actually, the boys pretty much like all kinds of music.
Worst Song: The Black Eyed Peas are too overplayed, and not that good.

Best toys: Tie: the small Bobcats and the mechanical Forklifts Close Second: Little Tykes Firetruck and Police Car are still fan favorites.

Best Movie: Finding Nemo

Best TV Show: Wordworld, close second: Super Why and Sesame Street

Best Fish: Suckerfish #1 who died earlier this year. Sucker fish #2 died last week.

Best drink: Tanqueray & Tonic

Best Tuesday Morning Activity: Laying in the big bed watching Sesame Street while Momma sleeps. Close Second: Activity time at the Sun Prairie library

Best Aunt Karolyn: Aunt Karolyn

Best Aunt "Yara": Aunt Laura

Favorite Friend: Daddy's friend "Keg" (Craig W.)

Favorite Park: Angel Park

Who would win in an all-out brawl, Bob the Builder or Thomas the Train: Bob the Builder

Favorite team in the 2009-2010 NFL Playoffs: The Green Bay Packers

Thanks for being a part of the boys' lives!