Saturday, June 30, 2007

Anti-comatose, Anti-starvation

The boys are staying awake and eating like hogs in support of two foundations as part of two marathon-like fundraisers for The National Pro-Obesity Foundation, and Americans Against Comas. You can pledge money in support of the boys self-sacrificing participation in these fundraisers by sending us cash. The average donation is $100 per hour. The boys are entering their 20th hour of being awake and eating nonstop . . . or so it seems. So you know how committed these two little guys are to these causes, Donovan is hallucinating from sleep deprivation, because he is trying to nurse off of me right now. Enough guys, its time to give up and go to sleep. Actually, Donovan is finally starting to calm down. Typing with him squirming in one arm is a bit tough though, so bear with.

We are camping at the lake again with the boys. They will get to witness their first fireworks display and water ski show which has become an annual tradition for us. It is fun to see the skiers wipeout. My dad, Grandpa Dan and I are going to Menards in T-minus 6 hours at 7:00 a.m. to buy wood to build a small deck to put outside the camper--nothing too complex, but something that will make life easier for us and the boys. My mom and Grandma Sue will help watch the boys.

Melissa and I went to SuperWalmart Thursday night in Portage on our way up north. We got there and fed the boys first in the van, and then went in to shop. It must have been a full moon. While we were checking out at 11:00 p.m., some older ladies kept grabbing at Melissa's sling where Donovan was resting to see if there was a baby inside. Hayden was in the car seat in the cart with me. The other car seat was in another cart right behind me. These ladies didn't even say anything before grabbing at her. It was like a zombie movie and they were desperate for brains. Wierd. When Melissa gave them the WTF look, they started looking at Donovan's car seat in the cart and moved some of the blankets to see if there was a baby there. Then they started mumbling something about whether we had triplets. I was about ready to pull out my Glock and put an end to all of this comotion, when Melissa decided she was just going to go out to the car with Donovan . . . quickly. The boys rewarded us by pointing them into such danger by staying awake until 3:00 a.m. Thanks guys!

Some people look at us a little funny when we say we are taking seven-week old twins camping with us. Maybe its because I tell them that we build our sleeping quarers from what nature has to offer, but really, its not too much different than being at our home. The camper has the same amenities as home, except no squeaky washer and dryer to run nonstop, and no dishwasher (which is an atrocity). Otherwise, we have a full kitchen and bathroom and the boys have all the stuff they need including SuperWalmart just down the road. Help is also graciously available at the lake, whereas it isn't as easy in Milwaukee. We definitely appreciate the help we get. The grandparents have been absolutely awesome these past few weekends. I was able to cut down some weeds this evening with the new weed wacker and also saw down some tree branches, so that helped relieve a bit of stress.

Alright, Donovan is starting to snore (finally), so it is time to get some sleep for a few hours. To Jon, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful wedding this weekend, and I wish you all the best with it. I am sorry we were not able to attend. The boys are not very good wedding guests yet.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh crap, we fed Hailey after midnight

I told Melissa not to feed Hailey last night when she was up with the boys. This is what Hailey looked like as of yesterday at 11:59 p.m.

And we woke up to this, this morning:

Xzibit - Please Pimp Our Ride

The boys are tired of chilling in their low-key, no frill Double Snap N Go. They asked MTV to Pimp Out their stroller on Pimp My Ride! We thought it could use some spinners (sprees), a 50 inch Plasma, a 20,000 watt sound system, hydraulics, Lo-jack, and a snazzy paint job. I'll let you know if Xzibit shows up!

Donovan and I went to the doctor this morning. Donovan didn't sleep or eat well and was a little weezy all night. Just some sinus issues. The cool thing was he weighed 8 lbs 4 ozs. Hayden probably weighs a lot more.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Comments and Clicking on Pictures in the blog

FYI, if you click on the pictures, then they will blow up to full screen size! You can save them as well, photoshop them, and do whatever.

Also, we like comments. In fact, Donovan and Hayden would like to see all the comments they can get!

Father's Day, and some other fun stuff

The boys continue to grow. They have good nights sleeping where we only have to get up once or thrice in between midnight and 6:00 a.m. Other nights we are up from dusk til dawn with one or both. Melissa and I are unable to trace who has vampire in their blood so if our next of kin could help out, we would appreciate it.

We spent my first father's day up at the lake. My mom, dad, and Katey came up along with Karolyn, Jason, Sonja, Carson and Great Grandpa Everett. Sue, Dan, Greg, and Laura were all there as well. The boys got me a card, a picture frame and a signed authorization from their mom to go and purchase a gas-powered weedwacker. I gave myself a present and took a nap. All my dad and Dan got were t-shirts from us. They didn't get weedwackers. It was a good day. To those of you who left emails, voicemails and comments wishing me a good day, you made it all the better.

The boys made their first of what will be many trips to Superwalmart this weekend! They did well. My dad enjoyed taking them around the store in their double snap n go, while Melissa and company focused on shopping.

Melissa's friend Jenny came into town Tuesday and Wednesday to help out. Jenny was a good sport and watched Batman Returns with me while Melissa took a nap. The boys watched 3/4s of the movie and finally went to sleep near the end. Melissa woke up about an hour afterwards and was just thrilled to have been able to sleep uninterrupted for a couple hours. Thanks for coming Jenny! We appreciated it and it was good to see you.


My sister's dog Kameron (Kammy) passed away tonight. Many of you will remember Kameron as Kody's buddy who lived with my mom and dad before Katey was born. Kody and Kammy would often run around the back yard like chickens with their heads cut off. Kody passed away earlier this year. Others of you will remember Kammy with his good buddy Slim, my sister's rat terrier, who were notorious in Madison's dog parks and enjoyed the company of each other. Kammy lived with my sister after Katey was born. Kammy enjoyed belly rubs, bones, doing unspeakables on your leg, perfecting the art of sleeping under the covers, and making it extremely difficult for Jason to get into bed. We will miss those things.

Kammy, find Kody up in heaven and play to your heart's content in that big dog park in the sky. Karolyn, J, Carson, Sonja and Slim, our thoughts are with you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pictures from Father's Day and before!

Gulya Generations!

Grandma and Grandpa Gulya and their Trophy Grandchildren!

Thelen generations!

Happy Boys!

Donovan Smilin'

Big Boys!

Donovan still Smilin'

Pictures from Uncle Greg's Graduation!

Great Grandma Lucy, Grandma Sue, and Melissa!

Melissa, Grandpa Dan, and Great Grandpa Clarence!

Way to Go Greg! You graduate, and you get to hold the boys for all those years of hard work!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seeing the World

The boys are five weeks old today. Hayden is screaming right even though he is trying to finish a 120cc bottle--he will send up half of it in twenty minutes. Donovan is laying on his belly (supervised). The cats are screaming because they are hungry. Hailey is sleeping next to me.

The boys went to the doctor and checked out ok. Their previous appointment was 13 days ago. Hayden weighed 7 lbs 7 ozs (previously 6 lbs even). Donovan weighed 7 lbs 2 ozs (previously 5 lbs 13, 14 or 15 ozs). We were happy, because that is a lot of weight to gain in less than two weeks.

The boys got to hang out with Neighbor Liz on Tuesday night. Melissa was taking an exam, and Liz came over to help out with the boys. Liz took on the role of the Baby Whisperer a few times to get Mr. Hayden under control. The boys also watched the US men's soccer team punish El Salvador.

The boys got a Bumbo from Scott and Genie from work. Thanks Scott and Genie! They are expecting their first child in July. Their Aunt Vicky also gave them a bunch of stuff including a boppy, a wipe warmer and some other stuff. They are waiting for their Uncle Kris to give them their first pack of Marlboro Reds.

We took the boys to the mall for the first time tonight. They got baths before we left (don't worry, they only get bathed two times per week--just like prisoners). We used the double Snap N Go for the first time. First, they went to Sears. They got their pictures taken at the portrait studio. The boys were highly uncooperative with the picture taking process, and they definitely stifled the creative potential of the photographer as well as the number of photos that Sears might otherwise have sold should they have been remotely photogenic.

After going to Sears, we took the boys to dinner. Melissa ate at Rocky Rococcos. I grabbed some food at the Big Easy and brought it over to the Rockys area. It was a nice dinner. The boys sat there, watched us, and starved. I bet they felt like Hailey (our dog)--watching us eat and not getting any food.

After eating dinner, we just strolled the mall for a little while. It was truly nice to get out of the house with them and just people watch. A lot of people stopped to meet the boys. We shopped for a new comforter at JC Penneys and Boston Store.

It was wierd using the elevators and trying to maneuver the stroller bus through tight aisles. Just have to get used to it. Boston Store's elevator is much nicer than JC Penney's elevator. We did not use Sears' elevator, but I assume it is far superior to any other elevator at Brookfield Square. JC Penney's elevator also has a mysterious third floor. We did not venture up, but next time we will.

The boys are going to go up north this weekend to see both sets of grandparents. Their grandma and grandpa and Aunt Katey from Myrtle Beach are coming up this weekend (my parents) and it will be the first time they have seen them. Should be a good time.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Birth Control Class

I have decided that Melissa and I should host a birth control class open to teenagers who think they want to be parents. This realization solidified over the last two nights when the boys made a half-hearted attempt at sleeping Friday and Saturday night. Both nights it seems I woke up (after being up two to three times already) at 3:30 a.m. to a screaming Donovan and his mom holding him walking around the bedroom. I asked if I could help, and Melissa said "no, there is nothing you can do right now." 15 minutes later, I asked again. Same response, then I rinsed the nipple shields. 15 minutes later, repeat, rinse, repeat. After that, Hayden is up, and it is time to work with him.

In light of this, teenagers who think they are cut out for having a baby can come over on Monday, June 11 from 11:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. and watch the "Cycle of Deprivation" in order to test whether they truly are ready for parenthood. We will also discuss the following topics:
(1) Diapers: necessity or luxury
(2) Why the Dryer Now Squeaks
(3) Compare and Contrast: A discussion of City Noises at 2:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.
(4) Why the Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed people will not use us as a test case; (5) Pros and Cons: Onesizes with snaps v. baby in a bag
(6) Which Infomercials Are Best to Put Baby to Sleep

Additionally, we are pleased to announce during this time that our normal policy of "Ring the Doorbell, Win A Baby" will not apply, and therefore these participants will be under no obligation to help.

I also want to give a redeeming message to Huggies Newborn Supremes. Provided the boys fifth appendages are properly positioned at 6 O'Clock, we have not had any leaks with these Huggies diapers. While Huggies has refused to respond to my previous post about the ridiculously poor performance of their Premie diapers, and while I did not get any free products as a result, I felt encouraged by our most recent batch of Huggies Newborn Supreme diapers to warrant this shout out. Huggies, if you are listening, we would love some free diapers for the heart ache that you caused us last week.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Captain Chaos and Sergeant Scream Crush Mommy and Daddy’s Sleeping Hopes

The boys are doing well. They have been continuing their escalated feeding schedule, but it has lead to a net loss of sleep for us at night. Donovan (Captain Chaos) eats in a very chaotic and spastic manner, which leads to an Exxon Valdez-like amount of breast milk spillage all over (1) his mother, (2) his mother’s clothes, (3) the bed, and (4) himself. Its hard to describe, but when he goes in to latch onto Melissa, he shakes his head side to side, in excitement, and doesn’t get very good suction resulting in massive spillage during the feeding process. He also breathes when he is supposed to be sucking, and that leads to massive drippage further spreading the pool.

Hayden, on the other hand, is an amazing feeder. The only problem is that he lets out a breast milk-curdling scream when he wakes up to alert the world that he is hungry. Between the two boys, it makes for an unpleasant start to an otherwise longer and messier feeding process. Could be worse.

The boys had a nice weekend. We planned to take them to Tony and Mollie’s wedding, but realized the morning of that we were biting off more than we could truly expect from them, and Donovan was a little under the weather. Instead, I went alone. The wedding was great. I was very happy for Tony and Mollie, and they had a lovely ceremony. It was great to see the Luedtke boys all in tuxes as well. I was also very excited to see several Appleton buddies including Craig, Bill, Tony, Mike (Gerasimos, Gas Station, Prince etc.), Greg and many others. Sorry I missed the reception, we would have had a good time.

We took the boys up north to the camper on Sunday and Monday. Grandma Sue was up there on Sunday to help care for the boys. Melissa’s sister, Laura, and Laura’s fiancĂ©e Scott were up all day Monday as well. It was very nice to be up there. The weather was terrible though, and we didn’t get any yard work done. Instead, the boys stayed inside, except for a walk, and we all watched The Pursuit of Happyness and Invincible. The Pursuit of Happyness was better.

On Sunday, Grandma Sue’s coworker Arlinda let us use her industrial baby measuring scale to weigh the boys. Thanks Arlinda! We were quite surprised at the results. Donovan weighed 6 lbs 6 ozs. Hayden weighed 6 lbs 8 ozs. They were approximately 10-13 ounces less than that when they left the hospital a week earlier. We are very excited the boys are packing on the pounds. Someday they will be on a NutriSystem commercial if they keep this up.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Craig is Here

Kyle's best friend Craig is visiting for the night. Craig and Hailey are busy laying on the couch watching 20/20 right now. Donovan is out cold in his vibrating chair from Aunt Karolyn. Hayden is experiencing Bath Time Hell.

Craig, Melissa, Kyle and the boys are going to Craig and Kyle's high school buddy Tony Luedtke's and Molly Campion's wedding on Saturday. It will be the boys' first visit with friends outside of the house. They will just go to the ceremony--No reception for Kyle, Melissa and the boys. We will try and post some pictures of them in some outfits at the wedding if possible.