Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hayden and Donovan Chillin' in Hayden's Crib looking at a Mobile!

Lisa, this is your prize!!!

Trip to the Mall

The boys and I went to Mayfair Mall on Friday night to hang out. We used the Double Snap N Go, which was totally uncool in looks compared to the red Schwinn Jogging Stroller that I normally use. However, it maneuvers better through clothing aisles. We didn't buy anything. We just did a lot of looking, which was fun.

About 37 people stopped me or tried to grab at the stroller to gawk at the boys. Assault and battery charges could have been filed for at least 19 incidents. Donovan, Hayden and I all felt violated.

Only three people questioned where the boys' mother was at, while we were walking the mall--again implying that she must be somewhere nearby. There were a lot of things I could have said, but I just bit my tongue. Responses I could have made include:

(1) "She is at home reading an article by Gloria Steinem. You might enjoy reading it. I am an expendable cog. Call me bicycle."*
(2) "We don't know where she is, but me and the boys are going on Maury in two weeks to find out who the real mother is through maternity tests."
(3) "Don't you recognize me, I am John from 'John and Kate plus Eight!' Kate is at home with the Sextuplets and all the cameras! Would you like an autograph?"
(4) "She is meeting with a priest to schedule and coordinate the boys' exorcisms."
(5) "She is working at the cellular phone stand near Macy's. Hey, do you need a phone? Oh, you have one, well, you should really have a second one. Why don't you follow the boys and I and you can meet her."

I'd like to know your thoughts on this issue. As you can tell, it agitates me. How would you have responded? Do you have any responses that I could use? Post your thoughts in the comment section.

*I do not know if Ms. Steinem was responsible for the "like a fish needs a bicycle" comment, but it is still a great comment.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bow Down to Your New Leader Mr. Donovan!!!!

We have a New Leader!!!

It took three months and 9 days, but Donovan now weighs more than Hayden again.

Donovan = 12 lbs. even
Hayden = 11 lbs. 14 ozs.

According to Hayden's mom, Hayden took a nap this afternoon in dejection. Donovan squawked.

Hailey, Heretic and Mucifer all weigh more than the boys still, although they will probably pass up Heretic soon.

Hayden has preserved his lead in being older than Donovan, but only by one minute. The cats and dog are all older than Hayden and Donovan, and Hayden and Donovan have not closed the gap in that department.

Friday, August 17, 2007

$1000 value prize to the people who guess what times

Hayden and Donovan wake up (individually) on Friday night (tonight)! Jenn and Mike are barred from participating.

Post your guesses which must include the baby name and the specific times. Remember, we said times which means they may get up more than once each. For note, we put them to bed at 9:15pm and watched Hot Fuzz afterwards. Great movie.

We will post the times on Tuesday night after 9:00 p.m. Entries must be in before then.

Congratulations to our good friends

Jenn and Mike on their new kitty cat Roland, and to our friends Jenny and Nate on their new Mini Schnauzer puppy Baxter. Rumor has it that Baxter was the fat one. Hayden and Donovan look forward to tormenting both!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A prize!

There is a mighty big prize for the person who can tell me where the captions for Saturday's posts came from. Post your guesses in the Comments Section.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Happiest Baby on the Block!

Ummmmm . . . Dr. Karp, if you'd like to come to our home, then this is our plea . . .

First Trip to the State Fair

Donovan and Hayden went to the State Fair today with Grandma Carol, Grandpa Tom, Aunt Katey, Dad, and Mommy. The boys got to walk all around the Fair. They slept through the pigs, cows, sheep and bunnies. But they were wide awake when we ate corn on the cob (Bless the New Berlin Lions Club) and Turkey Legs. They also experienced their first "Watch mommy and daddy eat a cream puff" experience! We walked around a lot, rolled the jogging stroller through some pig droppings, and saw a bunch of carnies! Carnie watching is prime entertainment at the fair! No pictures of carnies except these three:

Hayden and Donovan & Me (Governor Doyle)!

Hayden and Donovan confronted Governor Doyle at the State Fair in a Roger & Me like moment caught on camera! If only we could have heard the exchange through the use of video. Maybe next time.

Donovan and Hayden afterwards . . . with little satisfaction.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy Mr. Hayden in his Tuxedo and Mr. Donovan . . . well not so happy

Mr. Hayden Swingin' Away!

Mr. Hayden with Second Cousin Gwen!

Donovan not liking his tuxedo!

More Wedding photos

Uncle Greg and Melissa!

Melissa and Grandma Sue!

Uncle Scott and Aunt Laura!

Melissa, Kyle and the Boys, and Laura the Bride and the Boys!

Laura and Scott's Wedding

The Boys attended Aunt Laura and Now-Uncle Scott's wedding this Saturday! The boys skipped the ceremony and stayed in the basement of the church. They are criers at weddings, and decided they did not want to cause the rest of the crowd to tear up. They figured Laura would take care of that since Aunt Laura is a crier. Melissa was the Matron of Honor and I was an Usher, so we had some help most of the day. Special thanks to Vicki's friend Corey (sp?) for helping us out all day with the boys.

The wedding was nice, and so was the reception. The boys put on their tuxedos for the reception and danced, ate, did their business, danced, slept, did some more business, danced and . . . throughout the night. Their dad, Grandpa Tom, and Craig enjoyed the open bar for the first two hours until the rest of the wedding party arrived. At the reception, Donovan had dinner with Grandma Carol, and Hayden had a nice dinner sleeping in his car seat in the Double Snap N Go! The Boys had a fun time dancing around with Grandpa Tom and looking at the strobe lights!. Their six month old cousin Sonja had fun doing the Jump Around dance with Uncle Kyle (I was careful). Sonja is ready for her first Student Section experience at a Badger Football game. The Boys also watched Barroid Bonds hit his 489th steroid free homerun! Way to go Barry! Only 266 more legitimate home runs to catch Hank Aaron!

The Boys had a good time and so did we. Melissa, Craig, the Boys and I didn't get home til around 1:30 or 2:00 am because we were helping clean up afterwards. After getting the boys relaxed and ready for bed, Melissa and I finally made it to bed around 3:00 a.m. The boys were up several times and up for good around 7:30 a.m., so Sunday was a real joy of a day! We went to the gift opening and hung out with the boys since they were a bit fussy, and then the Boys went to Great Grandpa Clarence's birthday party.

I'll post wedding pictures when I get time!

Scott and Laura in their last chance to run, and more boat pictures!

Chillin' in the Camper!!!

Pictures (Sorry, been busy)