Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singleton Days

The last two Monday nights, Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dan have taken one of the boys for some special time with grandma and grandpa. These are the first two nights that Hayden and Donovan have not slept the night in the same room (or at least most of the night).
Melissa spent a wonderfully pleasant night with Hayden last week, and last night Melissa and I spent the wonderfully pleasant similar evening (until the Packer game) with Donovan. Donovan spent time at Sears playing on the tractors, looking at yard equipment, trying on sunglasses, and walking the stroller all around the mall, and playing with the train table at Barnses & Noble.

It was a little wierd being out and about with just one. Following are my thoughts.
(1) At dinner and at the mall with donovan, not once did I sense the "looks of pity" normally bestowed upon me that I normally get as the parent of twin boys. Nor did I sense the "Oh . . . they so cute, I wish I had twins because I have no clue how hard life truly could be and I want to say something really stupid right now" look. Instead, it felt abnormally normal to go unnoticed.
(2) It is really easy to shop with two parents and one child present.
(3) It is really easy to focus your attention and adoration on the one child without another child present
(4) the present twin misses the missing twin more than you think
(5) You miss your kids no matter how many you have when they are not around.

I am looking forward to watching Donovan eat his donut in the morning. I am serious, it will be interesting to spend some alone time with him in the morning too. I don't know when the next chance will happen, so I'd better make it count.

Alright. Time for bed.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pictures before we go to PreSchool!

Ummm . . . actually we are excited to go to school, we are not excited for pictures.

Camping this weekend!

Yo Grandma, you only have one chocolate bar left. Also, your marshmallows are probably in our fridge. And the graham crackers . . . . I guess we need to replenish the smores stash.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pre-School and Summer

The boys began their first day at pre-school today. They were so excited to start, but a little ticked off that they didn't get to ride a school bus. They both picked out their back packs and couldn't stop talking about their cameras, back packs, and going to school over the last few days. Melissa and I both went this morning to drop them off. They did well.

Summer has gone by too fast. Following are some highlights and lowlights of the summer:
(1) Pacause
(2) Dinos went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in the stuffed animal hierarchy. Blue dinosaur has fallen the hardest.
(3) Hailey is greeted by the boys ("Goo' mornin' Haiylye"
(4) tricycles are slowly being replaced by scooters, at least for a day or two.
(5) camping is still a favorite
(6) Bob the Builder still rules
(7) Peeing on trees
(8) going potty all on our own (except for being wiped)
(9) holding daddy's coffee
(10) hide from momma . . . .

We'll write more and post some pictures from today.